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Town Surgery

Welcome to Town Surgery, Our Town surgery is conveniently located for anyone who works or lives in St Peter Port. On this page you will find all the information about Town surgery including the services we provide and all the clinical staff that work at Town surgery. We have tried to make appointments available at times suitable for those of you who work in town. We have GP appointments available from 8am on Monday and Wednesday Mornings (8.30am rest of the week), a daily lunchtime surgery as well as opening until 7pm on a Thursday including Physiotherapy appointments. We also have nurse, physio, osteopathy and travel clinics available.

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To make an appointment call – (+44 1481) 256517

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  • (+44 1481) 724747
  • Town
  • Frances House,
  • Sir William Place,
  • St Peter Port,
  • Guernsey,
  • GY1 1GX

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  • Emeline Muhawenimana

    Emeline Muhawenimana

    Osteopath BOst (Hons)

    Interests in treating sports injuries, work-related injuries and treating pregnancy-related conditions.

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Advanced Hearing Services

Mario Cavagnetto

F.S.H.A.A., R.H.A.D. For Advanced Hearing Services Ltd AIHHP Centre of Excellence

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The Practice

The practice was founded in 1894 by Dr. V. Gibson. The traditions of caring and dedication continue to be embraced by the partners and form the cornerstone of practice policy.

In addition to working as general practitioners, we continue to have responsibilities within the hospital and try to maintain contact with our patients in the ward and casualty whenever this is possible. We aim to provide the highest standards of care by both doctors and staff. The doctors are trained and experienced in family medicine and enjoy seeing the range of problems that family medical practice provides. In addition, each has a special interest, as can be found on the doctors page.

We subscribe to the World Health Organisation’s definition of health; that is, “not merely an absence if disease, but a sense of physical, psychological and social well-being”. We believe in preventative medicine and the use of complementary medicines where appropriate.
Our practice nurses and other health professionals assist with preventative medicine and clinics involving a wide range of specialist nurse skills. There are established links to allied medical services provided by community nurses, health visitors, psychiatric social workers, dieticians and various self-help groups.

As a practice, we keep up with the theoretical and practical advances in medicine and, to this end, the doctors, practice nurses and physiotherapists regularly attend courses, usually within the UK.

Since 1994, the practice has been fully computerised. This has improved our ability to recall patients for special services such as cervical screening. It has also made prescribing easier (and more legible!) and with experience we believe it will contribute further to the smooth running of the practice.
Our website will allow patients and visitors to become better informed of the services we offer.