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Welcome to IslandHealth. We are a team of General Practitioners, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Receptionists and Administration staff serving the community of Guernsey. We endeavour at all times to be approachable, caring, flexible and accessible to all. We offer a range of services designed for all of you and your families healthcare needs.

We have three surgeries across the island: L’Aumone, St Sampsons and our Town Surgery. Patients registered with IslandHealth can be seen at any of these surgeries. You may find our Town surgery particularly convenient if you work in town offering early morning, lunchtime and evening surgeries. We have onsite dispensing pharmacies at both our L’Aumone and St Sampsons surgeries.

If you would like to register with IslandHealth please complete our registration form. Hard copies of this are also available at any of our surgeries.

6 week postnatal checks for mother and baby – Our GPs all strongly recommend these important postnatal checks. Please click here for more info about the checks.

From Saturday 20th June Guernsey has moved into phase 5 of lockdown. This means a lot of the measures we have put in place over the last few months are no longer required. All of our surgeries are now fully operational and please call any of them to make an appointment.
We will continue to ask when making an appointment about certain flu like symptoms and if you have any symptoms you will be given specific instructions on how to see us, which will include waiting in cars rather than any of our waiting rooms. We also still have Perspex screens in reception and hand sanitising stations.
Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any symptoms or medical problems that you are concerned about. We thank all of our staff and patients for all their support over the last few months.

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