Mario Cavagnetto

F.S.H.A.A., R.H.A.D. For Advanced Hearing Services Ltd AIHHP Centre of Excellence

Mario Cavagnetto Hearing Aid Audiologist For: Advanced Hearing Services Ltd . “AIHHP Centre of Excellence”.

Mario’s practice is accredited as a” Centre of Excellence” by the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals.
He offers his services from new purpose build facilities at St Sampson’s Medical Centre.

A full complement of tests and services are available including:

* Free audiological consultations
* Home visits
* Video Otoscopy
* Councilling
* Tympanometry
* In-situ measurements
* Speech testing.
* All make repairs
* Battery and accessory sales

A full and comprehensive range of all the latest hearing aids and technology is available.
The above services are offered and carried out in a professional but friendly environment.If you are concerned about your hearing or would like to discuss any hearing related issues with out any obligation please contact by:

Phone : 01481 245999
Fax : 01481 241463
Email :

Or visit our reception : Room 9 St Sampson’s Medical Centre.

Mario Cavagnetto was born and educated in Guernsey, leaving to train and qualify as a hearing aid audiologist in the early 90’s. He gained experience across the south of England qualifying as a Fellow of the British Society in May 1997.
He set up the first private dispensing centre based alongside the NHS at the Royal South Hants Hospital Audiology department before returning to the island in April 2000 to take over from Mr Roger Goldsmith, basing his practice at the St Sampson’s Medical Centre. He has special interests in rehabilitation/counselling and advanced hearing systems. His hobbies include cooking, photography and physical training.
He is always approachable and willing to give good advice with no commitment.

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Or visit our reception : Room 9 St Sampson’s Medical Practice.